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General needs like rent, food, medical support, maybe Christmas gifts
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The ministry is got facing a number of challenges in it's operations as below noted: 

  1. Rentals
    It's abig challenge for the ministry to operat in a rental building because of the high costs paid on monthly 250$
    The lack of enough fundings to use in paying rentals for the increaseing number of orphan children/ street kid's at the ministry area.
  2. Food shortage
    The number and an increasing growing population at the ministry gets a day at least 3-meals per a child.
    Lack of enough fundings at ministry to invest in food staffs buying daily/monthly.
    No or little donations received at ministry.
    Lack of plot of land where the ministry can grow it's own food crops for food at ministry.
  3. Poor medical supply,
    the outbreak of many water born diseases and others which are due to un clean waters used at ministry , poor balanced diet, far away medical center from the ministry area.
  4. Poor education support, at time's the kids take long to get back to schools due to lack of school fees. school materials like books, pens and so..
  5. Insecurity at ministry,
    due to that ministry operates in rental building, there is no fence around the building, no security lights at ministry compound and neighborhood etc.

Therefore with those above stated challenges in the smooth operation of the ministry, the ministry goes ahead calling on your support, prayers 🙏, donations and relationship with it in the struggle of fighting for the good on seek of Jesus Christ for the orphaned/ street children and vulnerable people in area.

The ministry also still goeson saying that with your helping hearts and relationship with it, there will be seen a great change and a big blessing will be to you all who try your best in supporting and sharing your love with us here God's hope charity.