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General needs like rent, food, medical support, maybe Christmas gifts
$41.00 Raised: $10,000.00 Goal:

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To establish a strong spiritual foundation...

...which is economically supported by noble investors for the future of Orphans with no limit so as to attain healing of their emotional wounds, build their confidence and create space and opportunities... facilitate the development of their talents so they can live independently



 To ensure that child domestic violence is stopped in the area.


  To care, support and give protection to the Orphans, street children & vulnerable children through educating them. To provide basic needs to improve on their standards of living. Providing relevant information that will empower the community to make informed choices in relation to their health. Providing spiritual care and support.  To impact life skills and values that will help the orphan child to grow their talents. Advocating and creating chances for articulating orphans’ concerns, issues, rights and interests.  To develop partnership with like-minded organizations both locally and internationally to enhance our services. To evangelize the gospel of God so as heal the spiritually empowered people.