• QUORUM God's Hope Charity Ministry...

    ...is a Community Based Organization founded on the pillars of love, hope and desire for change. It works to address the needs and aspirations of the under prevailed using holistic approach reduction.

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  • To establish a strong spiritual foundation...

    ...which is economically supported by noble investors for the future of Orphans with no limit so as to attain healing of their emotional wounds, build their confidence and create space and opportunities...

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    The organization is engaged in the following activities;  Empower the care givers of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s).  To save orphans from frustrational conditions or engagements and all sorts of risks to their life. 

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Donation module

General needs like rent, food, medical support, maybe Christmas gifts
$41.00 Raised: $10,000.00 Goal:

Random Picture from God's Hope Children's Center Clients

Lovely Greetings!

I am Webmaster ({fELI.x[2ॐ❤]©zeck} - "The catty VEGAN") and created that website on behalf of Sir Mwebaza Maliza (This link redirects to his LinkedIn account) who operates the "God's Hope Children's Center" at Jinja City in Uganda.

So if you have queries, suggestions or constructive critics you like to provide to Sir Mwebaza Maliza in person you have the possibilities to contact him over LinkedIn or directly over this website soon, as soons as he recoverd from his shock that that website that is maybe more feauture-rich than he has previoulsy expected, could had been established from me within the duration of only two days up till now.

Celebrating that lifestyle concept on my own with comitting morally contestable milky exceptions in between, I am now consulting the Lord's consequence and strength to support me for being able to live completly vegan. Argumentations that won't miss a Christian's nor an another idealist's very logic are matters of the available nutrion on that planet all in all what would be enough that nobody must hunger if everybody would be vegan, justified compassion with sentinent lifeforms and the climate that suffers from mass farming with purposes of meat production. Practically the graet plan is to extend the Christian's compassion with a vegan lifestyle concept and the vegans in turn with their typical civilizational diligence to build schools and establish philosophical and intellectual disciplines, which first was possible by other idealists like in example vegans to inspire or appeal to Christianity to accept science as measure of truth and efficency.

So why not to team up with the organziations "Vegan Village Uganda" and perspectively furthermore with the intiative "Vegan Planet Africa", which shall be symbolizes by adding a "V" below the "God's Hope Children's Center" heart with the "+", in order to express a not only continental and Christianity comprehensive entitlement of a sustainably idealistic and fair world, but an even intergalactic entitlement without hunger, without suffering and without destroying life, love and happiness, nor such according productive constructivity or synthesis that supports us in reaching that ideal!